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Lindsay M Starr is a beadwork and mixed media artist currently based in Nashville, TN. She spent her early childhood in Alaska, and her school age and college years in Oregon. Lindsay has a great appreciation for history, science, and nature and is consistently inspired by insects, sea life, color, and the significance of beads and beadwork throughout human history. She spends her days beading, walking at the zoo, and practicing yoga. Lindsay loves to share her knowledge and passion for beads and beadwork to hobbyists of all skill levels.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Art Elements - Component of the Month October 2016

Has someone put the year on fast forward? Seriously,where has 2016 gone, and why are the holidays right around the corner?  I am convinced that there is a time warp enacted, someone must have pushed the button back in March...

I think we were all excited about Jen's sugar skulls this month at the Art Elements blog!  Mine arrived a few days before I left on my first vacation in three and a half years - also my first trip home in the same amount of time.  I tucked it into my little box of beads and projects, along with some pre-stitched pieces and coordinating beads.  I knew I would be busy with daytrips, family and travel...but sometimes it's really beneficial to have a family of hermits that go to bed early.  My brother and I spent a couple of evenings watching moves while I beaded.  Now, looking at my creation while separated from my home by 3,000 miles, I can see the influences of the Pacific Northwest.
 So much green! I knew that I wanted to place the skull on a foundation of one color, so that it stood out as much as possible, allowing me to add accent beads to tie the skull into the piece as a whole.
One of the prestitched pieces I drug on my tip was a green tubular herringbone rope piece.  I decided to use it as one side of the strap, and worked a foundation of freeform netting and peyote off of one end for the skull to land on.  The other side of the strap consists of three strands of beads strung on beading cable - seed beads, Czech pressed glass, and lampwork by SueBeads.  I had originally intended to leave the strands separate, but after I got them all attached to the clasp, I didn't like the results.  Not wanting to restring anything, I tried a simple braid and the undulation of the lampwork strand now seems to fit into the rest of the piece better. As you can see, I added some embellishment to the herringbone side as well - to add some visual weight as a counterbalance, and to tie it into the organic party in the middle...  The clasp is a simple s-hook, and I attached one of Sue's little flower dangles for a bit more whimsy.
I left most of the right side of the foundation bare, but needed to add both physical and visual weight to the left side to balance out the heavier strap.  I used lampwork by Sue and several other artists, Czech glass, and beadwork flowers in the fringe to bring color, movement and texture into the fringe.  I had originally intended the beadwork flowers to embellishment a ceramic skull cab, but with the bright accents and eyes on this skull...he just needed these flowers!
Unintentionally, this piece has become a tribute to my home.  Evergreen, apple green, spring green, and emerald - reminds me of the forests and fields.  From daffodils, tulips, and rhododendrons to the red, orange, and yellow fall foliage - all of these colors can be seen on a bed of rich green.  And so I give you my Homesick Boneflower necklace.  I will wear this piece year round, any time I am missing the PNW!

I hope you will hop along and check out what everyone else made with Jen's lovely skulls!  I'm off to do just that!

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  1. You can really see all of the time and thought you put into this piece Lindsay and it really pays off, what a stunner! I love how you managed to keep the skull as the focal and all the colours you have used really work amazingly well and those beaded flowers are so cute! Yep I love it!

  2. Now I am really beginning to regret my finished piece compare to this mine is really too simple, this piece is amazing!

  3. What a magnificent piece!!! I am in awe of this beading. Love your use of freeform peyote to capture the skull and then adding in all the other elements- beaded flowers,glass beads, and more beading. WOW, is all I can say.
    It should certainly cheer you up whenever you wear it.

  4. It looks like a piece of art! What I really love is that one in instantly drawn into it and also can project their own feelings into it. For example: I was instantly thinking of the ocean, coral reefs and old relics (even with the flowers... but they could also be corals and sea creatures)!

  5. Wow, that's a unique and gorgeous piece of art work ! :)

  6. I am at a loss for words! The scale - is pretty generous - and I can only imagine the beady treasures tucked into the foliage! I think the connection to home is perfect in keeping with the spirit of Dia de los Muertos in remembrance, fondly, and a bit poignantly. Those beaded flowers! I know they are an element - but my eye is drawn to them!

    Gorgeous! And I am glad you had a great trip - and a talisman of home.

  7. Wow! It is a spectacular necklace that must have taken a ton of time. Well done!

  8. Beautiful, the detail in your piece is wonderful. You really put a lot of time and effort into your necklace. You did a great job with this challenge and I'm sure the host is pleased with the background for her fun sugar skull!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  9. Another stunning piece! I'm always amazed and impressed with your work!

  10. Wow... stunning design Lindsay! I love all the green, it really shows off the focal beautifully.

  11. Wow! amazingly detailed as always Lindsay and a real riot of colour....captures Day of the Dead to a T.

  12. Your piece is amazing! Your beadwork is fantastic and those beaded flowers, fantastic!

  13. wonderful! so much color, and everything looks like its twining and growing together!

  14. You know what I always love about your work? There are so many things to discover and immerse yourself in. It's a delight for the eyes. I love how this is an homage to your home and think it turned out so wonderful and fun. Thank you for sharing your process and for participating!

  15. a beautifully intricate design. great choice of colors.

  16. I was in Texas for two weeks, so I finally get to leave comments. I LOVE what you made, love those stitched flowers, so cute, and all the beads you managed to fit into this necklace! Wonderful!