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Lindsay M Starr is a beadwork and mixed media artist currently based in Nashville, TN. She spent her early childhood in Alaska, and her school age and college years in Oregon. Lindsay has a great appreciation for history, science, and nature and is consistently inspired by insects, sea life, color, and the significance of beads and beadwork throughout human history. She spends her days beading, walking at the zoo, and practicing yoga. Lindsay loves to share her knowledge and passion for beads and beadwork to hobbyists of all skill levels.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Funday - Week 11

Week of December 22-28, verge of the New Year...

What a fantastic week - I hope you all had fabulous holidays, and got to spend time with your families (or family of choice).  I am currently back in Knoxville writing this post, where I've spent the second half of this week with our good friends.  I am unashamed to admit I had an ulterior motive for wanting to spend the holiday weekend here...the clothing consignment shops are fantastic here!

My friend also let me "shop" her old work wardrobe.  We are similarly pear shaped people, so all of her too small clothes ended up fitting me perfectly!  Including four pairs of trousers - yay for not having to try pants on in the stores!  Friday evening and all day Saturday we spent shopping for more tops, sweaters, and a fabulous winter wool trench coat that fits like a glove.  Now when I get back to Nashville I can comfortably purge my wardrobe of all things that don't fit and aren't appropriate for work...a good wardrobe purge is always liberating.

I made time this week to photograph a bunch of pieces for Etsy listings.  I hope to be able to write a listing every day after I get home from work.  So I will share a few sneak previews with you this week...it seems like all my posts lately have been about eye candy.  Admittedly, a bit lazy on my part, but I'm still getting used to the new work schedule and I know you don't mind!

I love making brooches, and these three have always been some of my favorites.  A pink and blue bouquet, a paisley with vintage glass focal cab and flower nailheads, and a vibrant hibiscus that makes me want to visit tropical climates.  I will have to make some more soon to wear with all my new jackets and sweaters!

I just love making these encrusted key pendants.  Each one is stitched over an actual old metal skeleton key.  The two on the right are teeny furniture keys - delicate, even covered in 15/0 seed beads.  The one in the middle is one of my first...and still one of my favorites, between it's huge size and heft, the colors, and the teeny peephole of key that you can see just under the ring.  The red and turquoise one was a challenge - the hole ended up being too small and became clogged with beads when I tried to preserve it.  So I solved the issue by creating a beaded loop attached to the top of the key - I love that none of the actual key is covered by the ribbon.

I will be listing these two necklaces and two pendants featuring my encrusted polymer clay cabochons.  The black, purple and blue necklace has always been one of my favorites!  The peach, crimson, and seafoam one is a great statement piece, and the fringe makes a wonderful sound as you wear it.  The purple and black pendant is super small and delicate, with it's ruffle of purple twins.  And the eye pendant with bright blue lashes...I don't know, I may have to keep that one.  I've always love the evil eye symbolism, and this one will go well with my new wardrobe.

Tidepool is one of the biggest bead embroidery pieces I've ever stitched.  I got the Mexican onyx starfish on my birthday trip to the Tennessee Aquarium a few years ago.  If you ever visit Tennessee, you MUST visit the aquarium.  It has one of the most spectacular collections of freshwater critters that you will ever see, and their turtle and tortoise collection is amazingly diverse.  There is an atrium full of butterflies, another with river otters, and a third showcasing the inhabitants of the Louisiana bayous.  I could spend an entire weekend exploring the place and be completely content!  However, this piece was inspired by my love for the Oregon coastline.  When I visit home, a trip to the coast is always in my plans, and if we manage to hit it at lowtide, the tidepools are on the agenda, for sure.  Besides the starfish, this statement necklace features several other denizens of the rocky coast I'm so familiar with.  Snails, with vintage glass shells...a purple sea urchin...mussels, this one features an ancient piece of roman glass...a green sea anemone...a few barnacles...the blue gray stones that are so prevalent...and my favorite part is the strap that features a stitched jellyfish, tangled in kelp, the floats made of hollow Venetian glass beads.

I made this necklace quite a few years ago, but I've always loved it.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it was one of the first peyote bezels I ever did around a cabochon.  Dichroic glass has always been an extreme fascination of mine, and I couldn't resist this very large tricolor piece from store I was working at.  The fringe has red opal vintage glass leaves, such an unusual color!  I think I will have to rework the strap, as it's a bit short for me now, and stitched from a thread that I no longer trust.  But a strung strap out of black seed beads and a few matching accent beads will set the cab off even better I think.  
Keep an eye out in a few days for my Art Jewelry Elements December Component of the Month post.  The reveal posts of my fellow contributors are by far my favorite blog hop around.  My friend Sherri and I will also be announcing a big surprise that you will not want to miss!  Don't forget to keep up with me on Facebook, and also keep an eye out on Etsy for some of these pieces to make an appearance soon.  As always, thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Funday, Week 9 and 10!

Week of December 8-21, mid-month blues.

Hello, I'm back again!  The last few weeks have been unexpectedly stressful and eventful, and completely way-laid my Christmas present making.  Everyone on my list will be getting New Year's presents and ornaments instead!  It's just another day, after all :)

I also miraculously found a job.  Right now I am pretty worn out - my stamina is low after not working for the last 6 months, and not having worked full-time for the last 3 years.  But it's getting better, and the job doesn't sap my creativity at all, so I expect to be back to beading soon.  

Today's post will be a bit of eye candy for you, mostly to help me get inspired to work on some projects soon :)

A package arrived this week from my friend Sherri, of My Micromacrame.  Just look what was inside!
Do you remember this post, where Sherri and I swapped pieces of beadwork and macrame for the other person to work with?  Well, this is what Sherri did with my little cream flower, sea green leaf, and long ruffle.  I just love how she combined coral oranges and reds, plus more of our favorite greens and teals to make this sweet sugar skull necklace!  

Look at all the different textures of macrame in there!  Sherri really out did herself this time!

These are the two sides of the strap - one side has a spiral, supporting my beaded ruffle.  The other is a series of leaves, knotted out of 3 different colors of cord.

You knew I couldn't leave you without the beauty shot, right?  I just love the pattern of knotting in the skull!

Of course, neither Sherri or I can send a package to the other person without adding a bunch of goodies.
I've got a new stash of antler points and components, plus antler and wood toggle sets - all made by Sherri's dad.  The sweet man made the toggles specifically for me!
Handmade cards, made by our mutual friend, Shelley Graham Turner of Tori Sophia.  I just love them!

She also included a necklace for Keven.  This is one of Sherri's first attempts at making jewelry for a man. 
It must have been successful, because he put it right on, even though we weren't leaving the house any more that day!  Way to go Sherri!  This might be a whole new market for you!

If you need more eye candy, check out my post today over at the Art Jewelry Elements blog!

I will attempt to keep up with my regular blogging, even with the new job!  Please forgive me if I miss a weekend here and there - you all know how life can get in the way!  Keep an eye out on my Facebook page and Etsy shop - I foresee updates in the near future!  As always, thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recent Goodies!

My poor blog has been neglected of late, so I thought I would tease you today with some of the goodies that have arrived in my mailbox lately.

This lovely array of colors is a selection of silicone beads I got from this lovely Etsy seller.  I still need to make the intended project with them, so I will do nothing more than show you their lovely velvety brightness!

A surprise package arrived in the mail from my buddy Lennis, of Windbent.  We share many similar tastes in beads - you can tell, right?  Just look at all those goodies!  A lovely collection of Venetian millefiore beads, a sugar skull pendant by Andrew Thornton, a raku skull cabochon by Harry of OscarCrow, a collection of lampwork and porcelain spacers, and a bright tomato red sun and moon cab by Firefly Design Studio.  I love it all!

Lennis is a great mixed media jewelry artist, that likes to repurpose vintage jewelry and found objects.  She made this great brooch for me!  Not only will it work perfectly with my Time Sharer steampunk costume...but I can also wear it on some of my new work jackets and sweaters.  I love wearing a brooch as a cardigan closure - it adds shape and interest to an otherwise boxy and plain garment.

Do you remember back in October when I one the Art Bead Scene blog challenge?  (Check this post if you don't)  Well, I was finally able to choose my prize from FanceeThat on Etsy.  Lisa was kind enough to throw in a few extras.  I have a plan for a couple of these things...I definitely know what I'm going to do with the desert colored disks in the upper left corner.

Tomorrow morning I have my Sunday Funday post going up, and my post over at the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  Be sure to check them both out!  And don't forget my Facebook page and Etsy shop - I hope to be updating both in the near future.  As always, thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Funday - Week 8

Week of December 1-7, Early December

Hello again!  I am still deep in the process of Christmas gift making.  I can't wait until I can get back to beading for myself and my friends!  I have so many projects in the works right now, but gifts must come first so they can be mailed hither and yon.

I've been sewing a lot lately, and not just the fish ornaments you've already seen.  This year, all of the kids in my life are getting handmade Christmas stockings.  Keven helped me serge and hem a thousand miles of fabric for dress up squares too (really glad to have help with all of that).  I'm also working on some small leather projects, and have a second batch of fish to dye soon!  Oh, and I made my first leather vest!  I really hope it's not too big for my friend's daughter...or that by the time she grows into it she's still into Sheriff Callie...

I spent quite awhile at the zoo yesterday with a friend.  It was really nice to go with someone who hasn't been in a long time - I got to play tour guide!  More of the animals were out than we expected, what with the colder weather, and we rode the carousel, like two little kids!  Then, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to a bead show.  The little American Bead and Gem shows come through Nashville and Knoxville a couple of times a year, so I'm familiar with several of the vendors.  I tried really hard not to buy anything!  But as you can see above...that really didn't go so well.  I bought some pearls, all at really low show prices, and a fantastic strand of rough labradorite.  I love the look of rough gemstones, but sometimes they don't feel nice...these however, have just enough polish to feel soft and show off the excellent color flashes in the stones.  I finally bought a length of enameled evil eye chain, and the copper chain was the perfect finishing touch for...

Jenny's cat necklace! You might remember this necklace from one of my recent posts.  I'm so excited to finally have figured out a solution for this lovely piece...it's been bothering me for weeks!  I used some of the silver foil Czech lampwork beads that my friend in Oregon just sent me as links to attach the pendant to the chain.  I love how they mirror the silver lined XL seed beads in the fringe!  And the textured chain I bought yesterday is dainty, yet the right scale to fit with this simple necklace.  I really hope Jenny likes it!

I also finished up Jenny's mermaid necklace!  I've been trying to get all of her pieces finished up so I can send everything to her in one package, and have finally managed it.  I am going to be a little sad to see this piece go!  It is really a pleasure to wear, with its long swaying fringe.  But I guess that just means I need to make some more fringe-y pieces, right?

My latest post is up over at the Art Jewelry Elements blog this morning too.  
It's all about now my mom and I do our holiday "gift" exchanges.  You should check it out!  (But MOM!!!  Don't read it unless you want a sneak preview of what you're getting this year!)

I really do hope to add some Etsy listings and do another post this week...we shall see if that actually happens!  It all depends on how finishing up the gift-splosion goes!  Until then, you can always keep up with me on Facebook, or check out my Etsy shop!  Thanks for looking!