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Lindsay M Starr is a beadwork and mixed media artist currently based in Nashville, TN. She spent her early childhood in Alaska, and her school age and college years in Oregon. Lindsay has a great appreciation for history, science, and nature and is consistently inspired by insects, sea life, color, and the significance of beads and beadwork throughout human history. She spends her days beading, walking at the zoo, and practicing yoga. Lindsay loves to share her knowledge and passion for beads and beadwork to hobbyists of all skill levels.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bead show!

Today the BF and I went to a bead show, one of the American Gem & Bead/Jewelry shows. For a small show, it was quite good. Most of the smaller shows usually focus on gems, silver, and crystal. As a seed beader, I'm always looking for new seed beads, unusual glass, and focal beads, so I don't usually get much out of a small show. This one had a seed bead supplier, and another with some fun lampwork and vintage beads. Originally, we decided to go so I could find pearls for an earring order I'm working on, and I found everything that I needed for very good prices. Even the BF had fun shopping. Here are pictures of what we got:
These are the pearls. Very nice copper coins, graduated raspberry coins, natural lavender, silver lavender, capri, turquoise and red baroque. Some of these are quite large, though everything except the copper coins are bargain pearls. I only need a couple of good pairs for earrings. Cute Chinese lampwork frogs. These were too whimsical to pass up. I've got some ideas for these already!I love this blown lampwork bead. It's BIG, and it'll make quite a centerpiece.
I have some flat red square drops that these vintage beads will look great with.Czech seed beads! 13/0 ruby and crystal s/l charlottes, 11/0 ruby s/l and greasy mint green, 10/0 matte opaque blue rainbow. I bought the red ones to go with the lampwork bead, and the blue and green ones because I hadn't seen those colors before.
The seed bead supplier also had a great selection of those new picasso Czech seed beads. I got these drops in a dark topaz color with green picasso coating. These are close to a 6/0 in size.These are the beads my BF picked out. Can you tell he likes turtles? The large white beads are matte crackle quartz. The dealer of the cubes said he employed Afgani refugees to cut, drill, and string the beads. The turtles are lapis lazuli, 2 shades of serpentine, green turquoise, golden agate, bone, imitation amber, and horn.

Now I'm off to make earrings. Have a great day!

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